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About The Author

John Lincoln is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse range of talents and achievements. With a degree in Ocean Engineering, he has extensive experience designing and managing offshore oil and gas and steam power plant facilities. In 1994, he founded Lincoln Consulting and OES, which has become the world’s largest and most prolific subsea pipeline trenching company. Though he is semi-retired, Lincoln remains involved in OES, with his son leading the company.

In addition to his successful career, Lincoln is an avid scuba diver and spear fisherman, exploring the depths of the oceans and gaining valuable knowledge about the marine world. He is also a prolific writer, penning thought-provoking books like Genesis II that blend fact and fiction to take readers on unforgettable journeys into the vast expanse of space. John Lincoln is an inspiring figure whose accomplishments and passions serve as a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and following one’s dreams.


Motivation  Behind Writing

As a Ocean, Earth and now Space Scientist I am making discoveries at an ever increasing rate. I am wanting to save the ideas and also communicate with others. I believe my life on the edge nearly dying  seven times at sea has opened up a window of spiritual understanding a necessity before any mathematical equations of behavior can be established. I am also finding it interesting to explore other worlds expand my already vast knowledge and create entertaining stories that are possible and based on fact and modern technology so are not current science.

About My Books

I)“Genesis II Mission To Colonize New Worlds” The Trilogy

While diving up a Spanish wreck in the Florida Keys I discovered some Uranium in a form called pitchblende used as ballast. I eventually would research ancient exploration and space travel to date. This inspired me to write my first Fiction Book and it is about a modern world that wants to send mankind to Alpha Centauri where a real life planet has recently been discovered and is close enough to its Alpha Centauri A sun to stay warm and have an atmosphere and water. I invent a new rocket engine involving Uranium and water undergoing Fission  A small amount of Uranium ( 300 lbs) easily carried is enough but they must collect 3,000 tons of water from asteroids and comets two hundred times. Johns daughter Victoria becomes a nuclear physicist  and trains overseas at CERN and is appointed by NASA to develop full scale rocket motors. It takes ten years to develop test and launch the three rockets. One turns back two continue for 1350 years and arrive landing on this new planet. There is plenty of energy, water, plants and animals to sustain them.

 2)“Genesis II Colonization Of Earth II Alpha Centauri” The Trilogy Book-2

In this book only the one rocket makes it the “Annunaki”. They learn to plant crops, hunt and raise children. Another ship Zeus arrives ten years later the one that earlier went back. They also meet friendly Aliens that land and teach them new electronic technology. They all explore four continents there. raise families and discover primitive humans much to the surprise and disbelief of the Christian World back home.

3)“Genesis II Colonization of Earth II Alpha Centauri” The Trilogy Book-3

This book is similar to Book 2 except it takes place over 1400 years and various cities in the Continents expand and develop commerce. The Aliens are somewhat forced to move to another continent and have wars with and eventually conquer and befriend the primitive pygmies. Two more ships arrive and prefer to move to the only left undeveloped continent Nadialand.

4)“The Carbon Crisis”

A Non Fiction book completed in 2008 where John presents the facts and discoveries that he and other scientists have made which indicates carbon dioxide has no effect on Global Warming. The atmospheric carbon content is so low and almost all of it which actually bubbles out of the deep ocean is consumed by plankton and turned into limestone almost 3000 to 7000 ft thick over much of the Earth. From the Greenland Ice Cores where every year carbon is trapped as well as oxygen isotopes which indicate the Earths temperature at the time, The result is 90 to 100 thousand years of cooling which is established by the dropping of the Oceans level. Warming then takes place over a 20,000 year period. Presently we are in cooling and have been for 2000 years as evidenced that all the limestone islands are about 10 ft above sea level.

5) The Story Of The Borneo Princess and Hurricane Irma.”

This a Non Fiction book about an innovative 80 ft long steel catamaran motor sailor called the Borneo Princess that John brother Bill and son Sean designed and built in Indonesia over a 7 year period. The boat had 2 x 1000 horsepower diesel engines,was 35 ft wide, had two state rooms with bathrooms, four other cabins and a galley with frozen storage and store room The boat could sail or motor cruise in 20 ft seas from any direction and would barely roll or pitch because of the width. It was a sloop and had a 100 ft high mast. It was successfully navigated through three seas and loaded on an international transport ship in Singapore arriving Fort Lauderdale 1st of January 2017. The boat had a problem the portside stern shaft mount to the engine was the wrong way which allowed it to unwind when reversing unlike the other side which wound on. To get away from Hurricane Irma is was sailed to Cuba but the shaft parted taking the propeller with it to the ocean bottom even though a machine shop said they had fixed it well enough.

 6)” The Rise And The Fall Of The Western Empire”

The story of Western Empires from the ancient Egyptians , Rome , Great Britian and the USA today. How these massive governments formed, fell and in the case of the USA is falling.

 7) ” Honing Your Risk Taking Experiences “

How John pushed the boundaries of safety underwater and nearly dies many times lost in underwater caves, attacked by Sharks, as a professional Diver doing deep construction diving,on a drill rig off Canada that a sister rig capsizes killing all on board and floating undetected in the Gulf Stream 30 miles off Florida. It taught John how to manage work and business risks to get ahead ultimently building an empire of three international Engineerig and Construction Companies worth two hundred million dollars.